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Episode 5

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1st Mar, 2021

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22nd Feb, 2021

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15th Feb, 2021

Episode 1

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14th Feb, 2021

Episode 3

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8th Feb, 2021

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About the Podcast

Advice and Advantage: How to D&D
Advice for Dungeons and Dragons
Join us as we discuss the wondrous world of Dungeons and Dragons and our tips to have a great time playing! If you are a first time player or a Veteran of roleplaying games, Come along for the Adventure!

What is the difference between a Dragon and a Kobold? How does one start running a campaign? When will I finally level up? (We can’t tell you that...) We will discuss everything D&D and Roleplaying and answer your questions about the game!

Advice and Advantage is a weekly Role-Playing podcast focused primarily on 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Between the Rulebooks and Live Action play lies A&A. We can dig into the tricky and fun issues with Roleplaying around Group Dynamics, character creations, voices, world-building, and more. Nick and Josh have been playing D&D and Role Playing games for over 40 years combined and have already miscast every spell in the book so learn from our mistakes!

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Joshua And Nick The Hosts

Nick Porter is a professional Voice Actor and Longtime DM.

Joshua has been playing Pen and Paper RPGs since he can remember.

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